Thinning Hair Solutions for Women
Hair Infusion By Rodolfo Valentin

Female thinning hair solutions

Women thinning hair can happen as a result of a vitamin deficiency, unbalanced diet, thyroid conditions, hormonal changes during pregnancy and several other causes.

While there are a number of medical treatments they take time to show results.
Rodolfo Valentin can help you in the process with his trademarked thinning hair solution, the worldwide famous hair infusion extensions highly recommended for female thinning hair!

The hair infusion is a kind of hair extension technique that will not damage your natural hair given its flat, lightweight structure and natural application.

If short hairstyle is your choice, The Hair Infusion, versus to the classic hair extensions systems available in the market, is the only one that can be used to add volume to short hair without being noticeable to the eye.

The Hair Infusion is also the choice of cancer patients after chemotherapy was completed and their own hair is in the re-growing process.

Before and After
"Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the "Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center" to Rodolfo Valentin "for his support in the battle against cancer".