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Having a verdict of cancer is overwhelming at any age, but for cancer in teenagers it happens at a time of significant physical and individual growth and other frequently changes aggravated by apprehension. When younger’s are turning into a teenage cancer patients and are face up to their diagnosis often it comes with the call for to rely upon their parents.

Stephanie White of Linderhurst, NY a cancer teenager who suffers from lymphoma and lost nearly all of her hair due to chemotherapy, asked to the MTV producers to help bring back her long and graceful tresses. The MTV reality show which characteristically records the party-planning develops of America’s most overindulged youngsters, aired a extraordinary episode about this cancer teenager. The Show’s staffers enlisted the expertise of famous hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin who coiffed the birthday girl with the combination of raven colored hair infusion extensions and a top custom made chemotherapy hair piece. She have her dream come true: a full head of hair from Rodolfo Valentin.

Heatherette’s Richie Rich and Traver Rains and coiffeur Rodolfo Valentin invited Stephanie White of Lindenhurst, NY, a lymphoma survivor, for the ultimate makeover. Chosen out of more than 8,000 entries for MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 contest, the teen received a long red dress with silver studs and long luxurious Hair Infusion extensions of brunette and wild red provided by the celebrity hairstylist to replace the hair she lost during chemotherapy. She was then whisked off to join friends, family and runners-up at a private party and concert by The Used, The Sleeping and My Chemical Romance.

SIXTEEN CANDLES: Tonight, MTV viewers will be treated to an uncharacteristically poignant episode of the network’s hit series “My Super Sweet 16.”

The reality show, which typically chronicles the party-planning exploits of America’s most overindulged adolescents, will air a special installment in which one cancer-stricken teen will receive a full head of hair.

Stephanie White of Lindenhurst, N.Y, who suffers from lymphoma and lost nearly all of her hair due to chemotherapy, asked the program’s producers to help restore her long, flowing tresses. The show’s staffers enlisted the expertise of hairstylist Rodolfo Valentin, who coiffed the birthday girl with raven-colored Hair Infusion extensions. And, to complement Rodolfo Valentin efforts, the folks at MTV tapped Heatherette to whip up a red-and-black studded gown, according to White’s specifications.

Of course, the music network did not leave the teen all dressed up with no place to go — producers threw the birthday girl a bash at Manhattan’s cavernous Roseland Ballroom.

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"Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the "Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center" to Rodolfo Valentin "for his support in the battle against cancer".