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Wigs have been around from ages and the favorite beauty tool of crowned heads, being the most notorious of these personalities the Queen Elizabeth I, frequently carried extravagant wigs. Queen Elizabeth’s wigs have converted into an icon and have managed to remain like that through the centuries. Practically all of the leading personalities wore wigs from Roman times or sumptuous hair throughout this époque.  But hair prosthesis is a product that born just some decades ago using the principles of wigs enhanced with modern technology and that will never felt off the head for any reason as used to happen often with conventional wigs.

Hair prosthesis and the name “Rodolfo Valentin” goes together. As a designer of the first hair prosthesis in the world, Rodolfo Valentin is very well known by the medical community, other hair stylists around the world and the population itself as the person to see for this kind of very especial products. Rodolfo Valentin is heavily involved in the consequences of hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments and helping sufferers through his Sofia’s hair for help foundation, created in memory of his mother Sofia, a cancer patient.

Hair loss from cancer treatment can disturb individuals in diverse means being the most disturbing to disguise the problem. Some cures cause simply partial hair loss, however others cause persons to drop hair from all over their body. Diverse kinds of chemotherapy drugs will have fluctuating effects, while radiotherapy will cause hair loss only in the zone where treatment is absorbed.

Here some of the “Testimonials” about Rodolfo Valentin and Hair prosthesis.

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Winners of the “Excellence in Customer Service Satisfaction” award

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Hair Prosthesis Winners of the “Grand Design Award”

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Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, by Kris Carr

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Crator of the First Hair prosthesis in the World

Self Magazine - Breast Cancer Handbook featuring Rodolfo Valentin
Self Magazine - Breast Cancer handbook featuring Rodolfo Valentin

Self Magazine breast cancer handbook featuring Rodolfo Valentin

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A customer letter

Prosthetic hair or hair prosthesis impressive review

This is in my opinion the most impressive review about the great services of Rodolfo Valentin specifically about his unique hair prosthesis:


When the doctor diagnosed that I have cancer, it scared me a lot and even more when he said I could lose my hair. Can anyone imagine a deep frustration and sickening feeling without hair? Horrible!. The first thing I did was go home and start searching the internet about how am I going to replace my hair and what am I going to do!. Google search showed me to Rodolfo Valentin as my savior angel, thank God!. I visit his salon in New York City the next day.
He received me in his hair boutique, very private that nobody around us more than him and one of his assistants. I perceived safety and peace, I also felt protected for my appearance. As he took the cranial mold he told me about his mother and how much she was suffering when she passed through the same situation as I was beginning to feel now. The time was passing and I realized that I was in the best hands in the world!.

After getting my cranial mold ( he is a perfectionist!!), he cut a little piece of my hair and he also suggested to me that this was an opportunity to change my image if I wanted. I chose to continue with the same style of hair including color, in my mind it was enough change to be obligated to wear a hair wig. Soon after starting treatment, my hair began to fall off and I felt hopeless like never in my life before . I ran to Rodolfo asking about my wig, and I was very angry because my wig was not ready. Rodolfo, again, with his calm and obvious experience in these situations that he must have experienced hundreds of times, made me sit down, he cut my hair very short and after he cut my hair, he pulled out a wig for me to borrow which was quite comfortable and very similar to my hairstyle and hair color. Again and for the second time, Rodolfo returned my self confidence.Two weeks later, my wig was ready and I must say it is wonderful. It looks better than my own hair! Now my hair is starting to grow back and not only am I very grateful to Rodolfo but also I’ll be his customer forever. I want to have the same color and cut that he did to my wig, while I was wearing it. I was having so many compliments that I do not want to change it, I want my own hair be the same as the wigs, I will be with him forever … Rodolfo Valentin is a talent, and not only that, he merits respect from the customers and from the competitors that should learn from him all the things that they do not know!.

Tacha Morris

Wig for cancer patients, Rodolfo Valentin are the best! by anne kaufman at Citysearch

This is Anne Kaufman, I just want to tell you what a astonishing experience it was dealing with you and your staff. I want to thank you for being so compassionate and helping me with the cancer wig. it is very important to me well being, while I am undergoing chemotherapy. the job you do is so remarkable and you are blessed with a gift of affection and sharing. As you know, it is such an extremely hard time for me to deal with this monstrous sickness and then lose my hair on top of it. I came to you after a very intricate time in my life and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. it. I will make a point to tell the nurse practitioner at the facility where I am going for treatments about your services and your close by facility. You made me smile and that is a big deal in these times. Thanks again for your expertise, caring approach, and time.There are angels in the world, you know, and you are one of them. Thank you for caring with your heart.

Pros: best wigs, best hairstylist, best person


Best cancer wigs? : The answer is Rodolfo Valentin the designer of the first cranial hair prosthesis in the world. His high quality wigs are designed especially for cancer patients. I could not afford the French wig, but I was able to afford the Vacuum wig instead, the new design that makes easier to have an alternative to the expensive hair cranial prosthesis, (anyway if I could not afford none, I know Rodolfo will probably approved me to have a free wig through his Sofia’s hair for health), his organization created in memory of his mother, a breast cancer patient. Rodolfo is a sweet heart and (we) cancer patients are priority in his daily agenda. I paid 1800 dollars, a bargain!!!. These wigs are top quality!. As a matter of fact, Rodolfo Valentin offers everything any woman who is losing hair might want to consider, including small hair additions to any wrap, scarves, turbans (thanks to the hair coming out from the turban I was able to hold my dignity with my husband at bed time.

Thank you a million Rodolfo, you really are an angel guard. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!

I asked myself hundreds of times, is this really happening to me? I going to have chemotherapy? And the worst part of it was to come out of the denial state. I knew that chemo treatments were going to be hard, and the loss of my long hair would add to me the depression. My feminine part, my hair, in its entire highest splendor would fall away! With bravery I approach Rodolfo Valentin after read about his great compassion with cancer people and the best to recreate my hair. Is private atelier is located in a beautiful townhouse, in a very serene and peaceful ambiance. Rodolfo sweet like sugar, gently and respectfully when through the entire process making me feel like “ I was there for a new hairstyle consultation” and for a moment my mind left the reality, and I can say that I was enjoying… My new tresses were absolutely beautiful. I was strengthened and confident. It was a great comfort to actually appear healthy and all together. Thanks Rodolfo Valentin you are part of my most tender memories forever!

As seen in “Wellness” Magazine:

*Erica, a 30 year-old attorney from North Woodmere says her hair began to thin during puberty due to a hormonal imbalance.” The indignity of losing your hair as a woman, much less a young woman, was crippling”, she says. “I experimented with several cuts and colors to try to camouflage my scalp, but nothing worked well”. Eventually, she visited the Rodolfo Valentin Salon in Cedarhurst. Valentin holds the patent on a technique called Hair Infusion, a hair addition that unlike hair extensions, does not damage the client’s hair. Using human hair, individual strands are injected into a clear, paper-thin strip of adhesive and sandwiched between tiny layers of the client’s natural hair. He adds a hair prosthesis for scalp coverage, which is custom made and molded to the shape of the head. This technique is used for women facing hair loss due to chemotherapy. “Ideally, a woman will come to me before she undergoes chemotherapy”, says Valentin. “I’ll sculpt a mold of the shape of her face, hairline and sideburns so that I can create a prosthesis that is absolutely perfect”, he says. While hair quality, color and labor ( it takes weeks to finish a prosthetic) all vary, one of Rodolfo’s masterpieces can run up to $ 4,000. Hair Infusion, which can include up to seven different colors to give you stunning highlights, will cost about $ 2,800 plus another $ 150 for maintenance every few months. Fortunately, that’s not your problem anymore.

(Bari Cener, formerly of In Style magazine lives in Merrick with her husband and daughter)

Rodolfo Valentin is compassionate, helpful and particularly interested in helping out patients with cancer. His service is very personal, with an emphasis to give the best for the least…

He offers an invaluable service to these special patients and draw on extensive experience and training to provide a very professional, caring service.

Personal side to his care, indicating an understanding of the psychological consequences of hair loss.

My Doctor was very impressed with my hairpiece for its natural appearance.

I am very pleased with my hair prosthesis and the way in which Rodolfo Valentin treated me.

Rodolfo Valentin does an excellent job helping patients through a difficult time.

I was very frustrated about my hair loss. I was mutilated!
A very gently person that I never meet, knew about my problem and she sent me the following email: “ I recently went through this experience with my mother. She too found it to be very traumatic losing her hair, but my sister and I, heard of a hair replacement “angel’ right in the heart of New York City. The angels name is RODOLFO VALENTIN. I feel compelled to share this information with you because he truly gave my mom back her sense of dignity and pride that she had lost along with her eautiful hair. He is an artist. The beautiful wigs that he made for her were designed to perfection. His gentle demeanor, his expressions of love, and extreme talent in this area is something you must experience. Give him a call! 212-327-4227”….I did, and I must to say that this lady was ABSOLUTELY RIGTH IN EVERYTHING SHE STATED. Rodolfo gave back to me my pride and my sense of dignity. GOD BLESS HIM!

Rodolfo Valentin Salon in Long Island team is amazing!

As a breast cancer survivor, following all medical care, I needed to find a talented and caring salon tha could assist me while my hair was coming back in.

As a business professional, I needed to look and feel like I did before my diagnosis, so that I could continue to feel confident while on sales calls, conferences and just being in the office.

Rodolfo Valentin Salon hair infusions did just that. It is incredible how after only a short time at the salon, I could walk out with beautiful, long hair! I cried that day and I could not thank the team enough. I felt wonderful, looked gorgeous and most importantly felt like me! I am so grateful for all the salon team has done for me and thank them for their support, their kind words and for assisting me on this journey.

Terry S….wrote in a letter

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"Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the "Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center" to Rodolfo Valentin "for his support in the battle against cancer".