Hair Prosthesis Insurance
Hair Prosthesis are usually partial or fully covered.

Prosthetics- Prosthetic hair and Insurance

Prosthetic hair and a prosthetic hair piece should be handled as any other prosthetics by Insurance!. Usually Doctors prescribe hair prosthesis for patients who have lost their hair resulting from several medical conditions such as alopecia areata ( a genetic disorder affecting the autoimmune system), trichotillomania, chemotherapy, radiation or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss or baldness and as the best hair loss solutions when excessive hair loss women occurs. A hair prosthesis help protect disease-weakened immune systems from ultraviolet radiation as well as regulating the bodies’ temperature.

If an individual needs to wear prosthetic hair or a prosthetic hair piece while suffering baldness, alopecia or cancer-related treatment hair loss, they might be entitled for compensation under their health insurance plan as any other prosthetics. File an insurance claim for refund showing “cranial hair prosthesis” instead of a “wig’. To avoid being turned down. Insurance companies are covering between 80 to 100% of a prosthetic hair piece cost, pending in your type of policy or benefits regarding prosthetics. As a result of several complains from well respected sources, most of insurance companies are realizing the necessity of wearing a cranial hair prosthesis for those recuperating from alopecia, baldness or any other hair loss as a result of cancer treatments.

Simple guidelines as those noted below can help you to assure coverage, when it is available through your insurance policy. Your Doctor should be able to provide you with a “cranial hair prosthesis” prescription.

Your “cranial hair prosthesis” manufacturer should have a complete invoice showing that a custom made cranial hair prosthesis (not a wig) has been done to you, having also available the cranial mold taken from you to assemble the prosthesis, which proves that it is not a cosmetic, already made item.

Also, take a look to the benefits of your policy related to “prosthesis”, or prosthetics devices. You can also attach to your claim pictures of yourself without hair and a hand written note stating the touching effects that your circumstance has had on your life and those around you. If your claim is denied, you can still appeal it to your insurance company by asking to the medical review board an evaluation of your case. If you are not an insurance policy holder, then your state or county agencies may help you. Their social services section usually offers support for persons who meet certain income guidelines. Cost vary greatly but these pieces may be considered medical expenses, often tax deductible. Your state sales tax also may be fully refundable helping to defer cost.


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