• Hair Restoration with Hair Prosthesis for Males, Females And Kids

    At Hair Prostheses, a one stop center for complete hair replacement treatments, we are committed to provide a new lease of life to those suffering from hair loss or thinning hair due to chemotherapy, and medically related hair loss.

    Hair Prostheses is a first-of-its-kind center for hair prosthetics that introduces proven hair replacement technique in the form of hair prosthesis that addresses the traumatic impact of thinning hair, hair loss, and baldness.

    Having industry exposure for years, we understand how a person feels after experiencing hair feel and as a result of which we take extreme care of every patients approaching us. Our team of hair experts counsel patients and offer them best possible treatment options available with us that not only befit their hair loss problems, but also save their time and money.

    Female Prosthesis: Tailor-Made And Permanent Panacea for Women Hair Loss

    At Hair Prostheses, we carry undue pride in offering full range of hair care services to people, especially women who have experienced hair loss due to alopecia,aging,chemotherapy or radiation therapy and other health conditions. We introduce female prosthetic that fully caters to hair loss replacement and restoration, hair rejuvenation and hair extensions so as to help women retain their confidence, elegance and self-esteem. In fact, the recipient of any our female prosthetic product can experience much like having original hair and they may even forget to realize that they had stooped to hair loss sometime back.

    Hair pieces used in hair prosthetics are the finest quality human epidermis of European origin that feature originality and undetectable and require least maintenance to keep them shiny and fuller. These attributes together make our female prosthesis an ideal solution to cater all your custom integration, hair additions, full wigs and custom hair prosthesis requirements.

    At Hair Prostheses, we provide consultations at absolutely free of cost to assist you decide which treatment is best for your individual situation.

    Fight hair loss like never before without losing your confidence and esteem. Just step in Hair Prostheses and let our hair experts assess your hair loss problem and give you unbeatable solution with our products on hair prosthesis.

    Our hair prosthetics are best in the industry that surely bring smile to your face.

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