Hair Loss Specialist
Rodolfo Valentin, famous specialist for Hair Loss

Custom Made Wigs for Hair loss by Rodolfo Valentin

If you thought the age of the hairdresser was over, think again. That glamorous era is alive, well and living in New York under the name of Rodolfo Valentin,cancer hair loss specialist, designer of the handmade wigs that are precious custom made wigs considered the best in the world. Tall, handsome and charismatic, Rodolfo excels at what he does. Ask his clients. They come from all over the world and from all walks of life. They include models, actresses, athletes, even royalty. Rodolfo Valentin Salon in the heart of Madison Avenue is the great equalizer, leaving no doubt that we are all sisters under the skin, and if you are a regular client, that skin is pampered and beautifully made up.

Hair Loss Specialist

Rodolfo Valentin, hair loss specialist, creates his handmade wigs, fabulous custom made wigs in the Hair Boutique for absolutely confidentiality. He believes that every woman is special with the right to achieve her personal beautiful best. When hair loss is the case he makes sure that nobody knows that she is wearing handmade wigs or he is having custom made wigs. He is an artist with a talent that has taken him from the salons of South America and Europe to the world of television and the workplaces and studios of the famous.

Rodolfo Valentin came to the United States for vacation and fell in love with the City. In Europe he was tired from days and nights on television and movie sets, doing the hair of the stars, he explains. “I sometimes spent an entire night without sleep and then went directly to my salon because the wife of the Minister or the consul’s sister was waiting for me to have her hair done.

His burgeoning clientele also included aristocracy. He had been adopted by European royalty through the Countess Nora Chesquina, who recognized his unique ability and introduced him to her friends. After the Countess they all came to me, I was much in demand… A desire to reclaim his life while he was still very young played a major role in Rodolfo’s decision to come to New York. He says that he brought with him all his assets including his partner and his top hairstylists. He opened his flagship Salon and Spa in the south shore of Long Island, the community offered peace and quiet, and a chance to escape his hectic lifestyle on the continent and then as special request from the New York Socialites he opened his second Salon in New York City: “Atelier for Hair” in Madison avenue, as they say, the rest is history.

Rodolfo Valentin hair loss specialist success is testimonial to the belief that great artists are not made, they are born. After finishing high school in his native Buenos Aires, he shocked his parents by informing them that he was not going to be a doctor, he wanted to be a hairdresser. “My mother panicked”, she told me, “you have no background, and how are you going to get into the field?”

Custom Made Wigs

Rodolfo had no such doubts. He knew that the quickest way to the top was to begin there. His aunt told him about a woman hairstylist who had her own television show and Rodolfo went to see her. One look at the handsome Rodolfo was all it took. She hired him for her upscale Show and based on his success with customers, he was soon a regular on her TV series. After that, he took off like the proverbial skyrocket. He received a grant to attend the famous Alexandre de Paris who offered to share the staff of his Salon in the French Capital with him. “I always considered hair to be the element that makes a woman sensual and attractive”, “I was born with a talent for hair color and hair styling”. When I was very young, I liked to paint and I think that helped me as a hair colorist.

Rodolfo’s happiness in his success was to be short-lived. He received word that his much loved mother was ill and he returned to Buenos Aires to be with her. “She was a beautiful woman and chemotherapy had destroyed her hair. I felt her frustration, her sadness and her suffering. I promised myself that I would create the perfect hair prosthesis for her and others with the same problem”.

Today, Rodolfo Valentin has climbed to the top of his field not only as a hairstylist and hair colorist, but also as a creator of custom made wigs and hairpieces. He is gratified to share his ability and his knowledge with those who need his expertise.

Rodolfo’s feelings about his clients, whom he calls the best in the world, are an important element of his success. “They are my friends, I am happy to share in their lives”.

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"Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the "Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center" to Rodolfo Valentin "for his support in the battle against cancer".