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Hair loss extensions are the new option for women and men suffering from hair loss. Any women or men who suffer from hair loss or have thinning hair now have a solution, hair loss extensions created by the internationally notorious celebrity hairstylist Rodolfo Valentin. Well prepared with a widespread understanding on Hair Extensions, Rodolfo Valentin salons are named as the best hair extension salons and hair loss extensions and they are not an exception in the menu as it is one of the most important resources to improve someone’s appearance when suffering from loss of hair. Rodolfo prides himself about his completely skilled personnel competent of catering to any and all hair loss extensions needs.

It is crucial when adding hair extensions to people suffering loss of hair that the stylist will make sure that there is adequate natural hair to hold the added hair.

The majority of the stylists who focus in the skill will not apply hair extensions to women who have short hair due to the concern that the extra strands cannot be maintained. However, due to Rodolfo’s legendary experience, learning, and capability, his trademarked Hair Infusion Extensions are light sufficient to be appropriate to the shortest of hair styles and to nearly no hair at all. Each individual portion of hair infusions are flat, fine, lightweight, and are useful without the use of heat that can increase risks making this the only hair loss extensions available in the industry. It is also the safest and most comfortable in its kind.

When designing these revolutionary additions to be used also as hair loss extensions, Rodolfo took into cautious contemplation the safeguarding of his client’s natural hair, so much so, that he prides himself on presenting the only type of hair extension that allows hair to grow together with it. One of the top suggestion and most required after coming close to hair extensions in both California and New York, women can have long well-appointed hair in less than one hour!.

As widely known, wigs were the principal answer for hair increase no matter how much or how modest amount was wanted; nevertheless with Hair infusions women are able to have hair added that looks and feels as natural as their own hair. Hair infusion Extensions supply instant volume and length and highlighting can also be added in the process. Women and men can enjoy dimensions voiding the trouble or danger of using damaging chemicals to an already susceptible hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair Infusion Extensions are also available in all kind of textures, lengths and colors. At Rodolfo Valentin’s best hair extension salons located in New York City, New York, NYC and Long Island NY near CT, near NJ, near PA, Westchester, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the tri state area, the Hair Infusion Extensions specialists will discuss,with concern and assurance of instantaneous pleasure and splendor improvement in less than one hour.


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