What Causes Hair Loss
Loss of hair causes in women

What causes hair loss ?

What causes hair loss?- What causes hair loss in women – What causes hair loss in men…
What causes hair loss in women or what causes hair loss in men has similar answers. Women alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia in men, alopecia in children causes, are several including stress, diet and the need of proteins. Dietary imbalances, medical conditions, thyroid disorders, stress and female hormones during menopause (the levels of estrogen can go down) and this is the main reason on what causes hair loss in women over 50, these can be some of the circumstances and reasons for hair loss. A low protein or vegetarian diet can also lead to an eating disorder and a multi vitamin may be needed if the eating disproportion persist.

Stress is also a reason for hair loss as stress can affect both physical and psychological aspect. The point is that stress is usually continuous over an extended period of time. Dealing with psychological stress is important because the individual has control in terms of determining the level of significance this will play. The less stress one has, the greater ability the body will have to recover from the damage already created and less resources are removed from the nails and hair to handle such a recovery. Alopecia hair loss in women, androgenic alopecia in men, alopecia in children origins are medical conditions that can be referred to alopecia areata, another main reason of what causes hair loss, which shows in the form of bald spots that sporadically come and go and can result in a permanent hair loss.

There are many other causes of what causes hair loss in women and what causes hair loss in men, and it is usually a combination of factors that are behind the underlying apparent problems that causes hair loss. Sometimes, controlling these are unfeasible, but there are steps you can take to minimize hair loss from these causes like keeping hair clean and free of sebum excess which are also known as fatty deposits that can clog the hair follicles. Deep cleansing both hair and scalp are very important to remove impurities causing hair loss.

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