Children Hair Loss Solution
By Rodolfo Valentin

Sudden Hair Loss in Children

Hair Loss in Children? Use Rodolfo’s wigs and hair pieces to regain original look.

Hair loss in children is not a common incidence. But, it does not imply that children do no suffer from the problem. If sources are to be believed in the United States, nearly 2 million children suffer from the problem every year, which is cause due to several medical conditions. Moreover, hair loss in children accounts for approximately 3% of pediatric visit in the U.S. Some of the main causes of hair loss in children are tinea capitis, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, trichotillaomania, etc.

Whether a child is experiencing distinct bald spots or thinning of hair, hair loss leaves devastating effect not only on adults, but in children as well. But the good news is that if the condition gets detected at the right time, it can be treated successfully with good quality hair prostheses introduced by Rodolfo Valentin. Till date, hair prosthetic is labeled as one of the most successful ways of treating sudden hair loss in children, as it promises to regain their lost confidence and pleasurable look.

Sudden Hair Loss in Children

Rodolfo Valentin’s Unending Endeavor of Fighting Against Hair Loss

The hair loss treatment of the leading hair stylist of New York has been helping several children since 1984. He has introduced such kinds of hair loss wigs and hair pieces that help in restoring original appearance of children. Available in different sizes, shapes and colors, these wigs are manufactured from 100% natural hair, thereby providing natural look which is difficult to differentiate. Talking about hair pieces, countless choices are offered to children with regard to size, color, shape and texture.

The wigs and hairpieces available at Rodolfo’s salons have undergone strict quality standards before offering to customers. Because these wigs are made from hypo-allergenic material, therefore they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash. In order to provide utmost comfort to customers, the hair replacement techniques are either performed by the international hair stylist himself or by his trained and experienced staff in complete privacy. Thus, it can be concluded that whether your child is suffering from alopecia or tinea capitis, wigs and hair pieces of Rodolfo will definitely bring lost smile on his face. These wigs are easily available at different salons which are situated at various locations ranging from Boston, Long Island to Los Angeles.


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