Baldness Solution
by Rodolfo Valentin

Male and Female baldness

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Male pattern baldness is one of the most common kinds of hair loss problem faced by males at one stage of their lives. Initially, the problem starts with thinning of the hair above the temples and gradually lead to total hair loss or baldness. Not only males, even females also experience baldness during their lifespan. As compared to males, hair loss leaves a greater impact on females as females with no hair is less socially acceptable in the society. Irrespective of the fact who suffers from the baldness, an undeniable fact is it affects emotional well-being and quality of life of a person.

From time to time,different kinds of treatments have been introduced ranging from medicines,hair transplants,hair replacement surgery etc. to combat against the problem. You might have even heard that many people,including celebrities,use anti-baldness cream for fighting against the problem of male and female pattern baldness.However,no treatment has created stir in the market like the way wigs and hair pieces created, which are designed by Rodolfo Valentin.

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Wigs and Hair pieces- The best hair replacement solutions

Aiming at offering the natural solutions to people, the iconic hair stylist has been creating and designing different sizes of wigs made from 100% human hair. By using top quality Remy European human hair, wigs and hair pieces are created by the iconic hair stylist both for males as well as females, belonging to any age group. Made from hypo-allergenic materials, hair pieces and wigs provide natural look as they are made from natural human hair. Since 1973, the leading hair stylist has been offering wigs and hair pieces to people, though he has first designed wig for his mother, who was a cancer patient.

Primarily meant for cancer patients, they can be obtained by anybody-who is suffering from the problem of hair loss. Easy and comfortable to wear, easy to wash, durable, available in different designs, colors and sizes and provide natural look are some of the distinguishing features of the hair pieces designed by internationally acclaimed hair stylist. So, now need to feel embarrassed due to falling hair, wear hair pieces and wigs designed by Rodolfo Valentin and regain your confidence. These wigs are available at Rodolfo Valentin’s salon situated in various locations like New York City, Manhattan, Long Island NY, etc.

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"Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the "Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center" to Rodolfo Valentin "for his support in the battle against cancer".