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Cancer Hair Loss, Before and After

Before Cancer Hair Loss Regrowth

Cancer hair loss before and after and what to expect? It generally happens with hair loss before and after is that it takes a few days for the hair to fall off after the first chemotherapy treatment, that is the reason why it is recommended to order the hair prosthesis as soon as possible …If you notice hair loss sooner than expected don’t worry, Rodolfo Valentin has you protected with a “loaner” hair prosthesis, in case your hair prosthesis is still in process when this happens. With Rodolfo Valentin you are protected while going through hair loss before and after!.

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Hair loss before and after

After Cancer Hair Loss Regrowth

Cancer hair loss and what occurs after hair growth ?. It happens very slowly and it takes up to several months to attain the length of a short haircut. At this stage, many clients like to feel free from the hair prosthesis and opt for wearing our excellent human-hair, custom made hairpieces. Many others choose to have a semi-permanent, non-removable solution like our trademarked “Hair Infusion” created by Rodolfo Valentin for several situations like partial baldness, alopecia, hair loss, thinning hair and are the favorite of the medical world. “Hair Infusion” is a small piece of synthetic scalp-skin membrane where the best quality hair is injected and because its extremely lightweight nature it is the unique hair addition also used as hair extension that is applicable for your special circumstances as a post chemotherapy tool for hair loss before and after. It is probably the best way out to help you to look your best during the hair growth stage. In "other resources" page, you can see pictures of a client having the "Hair Infusion" applied during the hair growth step. With Rodolfo Valentin you are protected while going through hair loss before and after!.

If you are unable to come..

We’ll come to you if you are in the New York five boroughs. We can also work together to build up your hair prosthesis through the telephone, email and post-office combined. It requires the taking of your cranial mold, using our custom-order form that we can fax or mail to you. Also your cranial dimensions must be reconfirmed by the use of a tape measure. We will also need a sample of your own hair and a few pictures of you. We must count with the help of your friendly hairdresser for the final steps like the haircut and hairstyle of the hair prosthesis.

Hair Prosthesis Sizing Instructions

1. Taking the size “around the head”

Starting at the natural hairline, follow the hairline to just above the ear. Measure around the back to the bend in the neck just above the other ear

2. Taking the size from “front to back”

Measure from the natural hairline in front, back over the crown to where the head meets the top of the neck.

3. Taking the size from “ear to ear”

Measure ear to ear starting in front of one ear where the hairline ends. Bring the tape measure up and over the crown to the front of the other ear.


Before and After
Client Testimonial

Wigs have been around from ages and the favorite beauty tool of crowned heads, being the most notorious of these personalities the Queen Elizabeth I, frequently carried extravagant wigs. Queen Elizabeth’s wigs have converted into an icon and have managed to remain like that through the centuries. Practically all of the leading personalities wore wigs from Roman times or sumptuous hair throughout this époque. But hair prosthesis is a product that born just some decades ago using the principles of wigs enhanced with modern technology and that will never felt off the head for any reason as used to happen often with conventional wigs

Rodolfo Valentin Salon in Long Island team is amazing!

As a breast cancer survivor, following all medical care, I needed to find a talented and caring salon tha could assist me while my hair was coming back in. As a business professional, I needed to look and feel like I did before my diagnosis, so that I could continue to feel confident while on sales calls, conferences and just being in the office. Rodolfo Valentin Salon hair infusions did just that. It is incredible how after only a short time at the salon, I could walk out with beautiful, long hair! I cried that day and I could not thank the team enough. I felt wonderful, looked gorgeous and most importantly felt like me! I am so grateful for all the salon team has done for me and thank them for their support, their kind words and for assisting me on this journey

"Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the "Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center" to Rodolfo Valentin "for his support in the battle against cancer".